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Your personal tailor... for clothes that fit.

Bespoke shirts feel great especially ones like this in fine Italian cotton Custom made shirts Well tied woven silk tie on white herringbone shirt
French cuff on custom made shirt and bespoke suit Custom made suits Bespoke suit, custom made suit

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I can't stand the way off the rack items just hang off you... you can tell when a suit has been tailored.

Thanks again for creating such fine garments.

Justin C, Victoria

My shirt arrived today, and the workmanship, material, and fit are superb! I have had hand tailored suits before, but this is my first tailored shirt and I must say that it is a remarkable difference from rack shirts at any price... it accommodates any movement yet without the additional bulk found in rack shirts.

Ismaeel A, New York

ShirtsandSuits is the leading Australian online tailor, helping make bespoke tailored garments available to everybody. We help you design custom made garments that will fit your body and suit your style, easily and conveniently. Most people never think about having a personal tailor, thinking that it would be too expensive: Not anymore.

Our hand made custom-tailored garments last longer, feel great and look better everyday than the most exclusive designer.


Use ShirtsandSuits to help you:

  • Get a great fit
    All our garments are made specially for you, from the first stitch to the last: you will see and feel the difference - and so will those around you.

  • Express your style
    Whether you want to be keeping ahead of the trends or maintaining a classic look amid changing fashions, you can express yourself the way you want.

  • Convenience
    Ordering is easy and takes just a few moments anytime through our simple ordering interface - and we deliver to you worldwide.

Dan Smith - CEO and founder of ShirtsandSuitsHi - I'm Dan Smith, CEO and founder of ShirtsandSuits, and I'd love to hear from you. If you have feedback, questions or want to talk about ShirtsandSuits, email me and I'll get back to you asap.